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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

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I think The Prometheus Design deserves some credit for attempting to tackle some big philosophical and sociological questions, even if it didn't really do much more than pose them and talk about them without really coming to any sort of resolution.
Well, it was difficult for me to really understand what they were trying to say. Also too, when I pick up a Trek book, I want to read a Trek book and I do realize how subjective that statement is. If the characters were more convincing, that might help, but the writing style is a bit convoluted for me and so not enjoyable. There is a lot of sexual overtone and I always get the impression of two school girls thinking up crazy fantastic adventures that they happen to use ST characters for and whenever they can, they make sure someone is naked. I know a certain amount of sexy is part of ST, but the novels written by these ladies, are just not for me. But yes, I did buy all three, and I did read all three... (shrug)what can I say?
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