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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I am betting on them breaking up next film. For some dramatic and high minded reason. I would have speculated that they will kill off Uhura but since she was the only woman left after they offed Gaila (presumably) and Amanda and dropped Winona they can't really do that. She is their only woman left, though I presume there will be more in ST:XII.

That will be sexist and since trek is suppose to represent the future that would never happen. However every great fantasy/sci-fi series needs a female to ride with the guys. Hermione, Ewoyn, Princess Leia just to name a few.

Even dragon ball z which is a very masculine show had a lead female character that was very feminine. It will just suck if trek was all about kirk/bones/spock and if every female character are just there to be killed off.

a legitimate reason for uhura’s death will be that she is the only one wearing red.
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