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One might see the DS9 era Starfleet as being at a point of transition: whether to go for remotes like the Prometheus or the EP-607 and for holograms big time, or to stick to classics. Real armed forces have faced such decisions a number of times, and it is not unheard of that the correct choice would have been to go conservative. Say, a purely SAM-based air defense scheme did not serve the United Kingdom even in its designated role, and a purely missile-armed crewed interceptor force had to be abandoned by the US when the nation engaged in new types of warfare. It remains to be seen whether combat UAVs currently being experimented on have any real future, or whether they are a dead end that only ever works in optimal peacetime conditions.

Whether the attack fighters of DS9 represent transition and innovation is debatable. Nobody ever suggests they would be a new thing; also, the Maquis and the Bajorans have craft of apparent comparable capabilities, these definitely not being modern. On the other hand, we never saw massed fighter action before; no traditional enemy force of Starfleet has yet adopted this doctrine or fielded comparable hardware; and Starfleet only seems to operate a single type of fightercraft, possibly suggesting that things are off to a slow start and diversification will take place later on.

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