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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Still in the middle of reading this, but there's already plenty that's aggravating about it. We have briefing after conference after meeting after get-together after pow-wow between the characters after seemingly every little plot development. I recall Seize the Fire had a similar problem: the crew had something like three meetings in that book before they took action on anything.

Then there's the distraction of the editorial errors: Vale stands up twice on the same page during her talk with Riker and Troi early in the book. Then we get two different Andorians at ops later when their brethren arrive.

And now I'm at the part with Pava beaming to the Andorian ship. Are we sure this ship isn't from the distant past? Because it seems these Andorians are extremely quick to fall back into old habits. "Pinkskin?" Seriously?

The historian's note says this story takes place two weeks after Andor's secession. Two weeks! And they're already acting like your stereotypical enemy with a ship more powerful than a Luna-class starship? And isn't Titan farther out than two weeks at high warp? Does this strike anyone else as kind of absurd?
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