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Re: Fic: Aventine

“Julian?” Captain Dax asked as she walked through the door into the sickbay, noting that barely half of the beds in the medical bay still had patients in them.

“We’re doing ok here,” Doctor Bashir said as he continued to use a dermal regenerator over one of the Minbari patients, nodding as he watched the skin healing underneath. “The Minbari are quite a tough race Captain, so far there’s only been minor burns and lacerations, a few broken bones were the worst we’ve had to deal with.”

“No problems with their physiology then?” Ezri asked cautiously, not wanting to offend any of the Minbari they had as patients now.

“None,” Doctor Bashir smiled. “Ambassador Delenn was quite helpful with regards to their physiology, and Mr Lennier here,” He smiled again, indicating a Minbari that was stood to one side talking with one of the patients. “Has been most helpful in translating things for us.”

“Good to hear,” Ezri smiled over at Lennier before returning her gaze to Julian. “Thanks for filling in like this, with… well…”

“I understand completely.” Doctor Bashir nodded in agreement, it was a loss for any ship when their Chief Medical Officer was killed, and while the EMH system was capable of replacing a CMO for extended periods of time, they were all happier with a real human dealing with the patients, especially a doctor of Doctor Bashir’s experience and skills. “I’ll contact you if we have any problems.”

“Thank you,” Ezri smiled. “We’re on route to Sh’Lell’Tha, I think,” Ezri paused as she stumbled over the pronunciation of the Minbari colony world. “We should be arriving in about five hours.”

“I’ll be sure to let them know,” Doctor Bashir said with a nod. “Is everything going alright with the rest of their crew?”

“They’re settling in,” Ezri smiled. “Ambassador Delenn is using one of the cargo holds as temporary accommodations for them; they seem to be settling in for the trip quite well.”

“Good,” Doctor Bashir smiled at the patient as he finished his treatment before turning to Lennier. “We’re done here Mr Lennier; he can leave whenever he is ready.” He smiled as Lennier came over and translated for him. “The universal translator is still having a problem with their syntax, the ones who speak English are fine, but most of them only seem to speak Minbari.”

“Well Mr Lennier is doing a good job,” Ezri smiled over at him. “I’ll come back to check in in an hour or so.”

“We should be all done by then Captain,” Julian said as he moved onto the next patient and started scanning with his medical tricorder for any injuries aside from the obvious lacerations to the cranium.

“Let’s hope so,” Ezri smiled as she walked out the door, ready to catch up with Sam and Captain Sheridan.


“This is amazing,” Sheridan breathed out as he looked up at the towering Warp Core that stretched out above him, reaching upwards through engineering levels above. “Your entire ship runs of that?” He asked, looking over at the column in the center, where the swirls of blue and white light had caught his attention.

“Most of it,”

“Captain Sheridan, our chief engineer, Lieutenant Leishman,” Commander Bowers introduced the two with a nod, watching as Captain Sheridan’s eyes locked onto the bright pink hair of the woman who had spoken. “She’s quite a ship Lieutenant,”

“Thank you Captain,” Mikaela beamed at the complement. “The Aventine is quite a lady, first ship to be fitted with the QSD as well, fastest ship in the fleet.” She grinned over.

“I’ve no doubt,” Sheridan smiled back. “You said most of your power comes from the, what did you call it again?” He asked, looking back to Commander Bowers.

“The Warp Core,” Mikaela answered for him. “The Aventine’s core can kick out about six to seven thousand teradynes a second, we have twelve fusion generators as well, each on a redundancy circuit in case we have to take the core offline for any reason. We wouldn’t be able to go to warp or bring the QSD online with just the fusion generators though, but they give out enough juice to keep most of the ship operational while we work on the core.”

“Twelve?” Sheridan asked in amazement. “Babylon Five only has one fusion generator to run the entire station, you’re using more power here than a dozen space stations could hope to generate.”

“It’s pretty standard for a Vesta class ship Captain,” Commander Bowers explained. “The Sovereign class ships have about the same power requirements as ours, but small ships, like the Intrepid class, only sustain about four thousand teradynes a second.”

“That’s still far more than any ship I’ve ever heard of,” Sheridan said with a frown. “It’s no wonder your weapons could destroy a blockade mine with one shot, with that much power behind them.”

“We’re used to defending ourselves against much more dangerous threats than just blockade mines,” Commander Bowers frowned at the thought of the Borg sphere that had managed to elude them so far. “Shall we continue?”

“By all means,” Sheridan said, taking one last look around the engineering section before following Commander Bowers out into the main corridor again. “Like I said, we’re an exploration vessel mainly, we have decks dedicated to astrometrics and science, much like other Federation vessels, but we also have sections dedicated to the crew, as some of our missions could take us away from inhabited worlds for years at a time.”

“Hmm,” Sheridan nodded. “We have those types of ships as well, never seen one as luxurious as this though,” He smiled looking around the corridor as they walked. “The Earth Alliance Explorer class ships are huge, over six kilometres long; they’re mostly out on the rim though, exploring the galaxy. Only seen two in my lifetime, and I’m one of the lucky ones.”

“Sounds like they’re quite something,” Commander Bowers smiled over.

“Oh they are,” Sheridan nodded back. “Nothing like this of course, artificial gravity, food replication. The Explorer crew I know would kill to serve on the ship like this for a week, would be like a holiday for them.” He joked with a laugh. “I doubt even Earth Force One has half of the luxuries this ship has.”

“Star Fleet takes the wellbeing of its ships crew very seriously,” Commander Bowers explained as they continued to head down a corridor. “On the level above we have a gymnasium for the crew and guests; we also have the arboretum on deck four and an education center on deck nine.”

“Education center?” Sheridan asked, pausing in the corridor. “A school?”

“Of course,” Commander Bowers nodded. “Some of our officers have children and families Captain, with some of our missions expected to take us away from earth for considerable amounts of time, it’s to be expected that they would bring their families along with us.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Sheridan asked, concern slipping into his voice. He hadn’t seen any children or families moving around the ship so far, but he’d only been shown a small section of the ship compared to how big he knew it was.

“Not at all,” Commander Bowers smiled. “Children and civilians are limited in their access to certain decks and areas, but we’ve found families and communities to be a strength on board a starship rather than just having enlisted personell on board. Don’t get me wrong Captain, a lot of Starfleet ships don’t accept families or civilians on board, it’s mainly the explorer vessels that have that luxury.”

“I see,” Sheridan nodded as they continued walking, not quite sure what to make of the thought of children on board a starship.

“Ahh, M’rrissa,” Commander Bowers smiled as another crewmember passed them in the hall. “How are things going with the repairs?”

“We’re on schedule Commander,” M’rrissa responded with a slight purr in her voice. “Seven has us working on the torpedo tubes this afternoon, we should have them done and ready for testing by nineteen hundred.”

“Good, let me know when you’re ready.” Commander Bowers nodded.

“Yes sir,” M’rrissa nodded before continuing on down the corridor away from them.

“Was that…” Sheridan trailed off as he watched the alien leave, her tail swishing around behind her as she walked.

“Ensign M’rrissa,” Commander Bowers nodded. “A Caitian, one of our best engineers actually, Seven thinks quite highly of her, calling her work ‘above adiquate’, which if you know Seven, means it’s as close to perfect as we’re going to get.”

“She has a tail, and whiskers,” Sheridan responded, still looking down the corridor in shock. “And fur.”

“Yes,” Commander Bowers laughed. “The Caitian are a felinoid species Captain, just like the Kzinti. Most of their race are actually quite quiet, they tend not to leave their home world and live out their lives there. We’ve only had a rare few join Starfleet, M’rrissa was actually found as a youngling by the Defiant at the start of the Dominion War. She joined up as soon as she was of age.”

“A youngling?” Sheridan asked curiously as they reached a turbolift.

“Sound’s better than saying she was a kitten,” Commander Bowers laughed as the turbolift doors opened and they walked through, leaving Sheridan wondering if he was joking or not.
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