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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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It's great. In TOS, Uhura had her flirty moments with Spock, and they played music together from time to time in the rec hall. Spock was always helping her up from the deck when the crew was flung around. Plenty of stuff for the ardent shipper to make hay of in TOS. It seems fine to me.
I think they should have augmented this, at least from Uhura with Spock intermittently being unaware of her advantages. Besides, it could have kept Chapel away from Spock to more extents.

I always wanted the Platonians to have forced Uhura and Spock into a kiss. If Janice Rand would still have been on the show, I'm sure the Platonians would have paired her with Kirk instead. Though I guess it's very much possible that then maybe Uhura wouldn't have been sent down at all and they still would have gone with Spock and Chapel.
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