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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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...what if the sun goes dark?
One of the Twilight-y Zone shows made during the 90s did that. It was actually fairly interesting and seemed at least plausible to me. Fortunately for the characters, the sun came back on after a couple of days before the oxygen started to rain.

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Clearly a physicist said it was possible, so it's real Science!. No magic at all. We've been reassured.
Once a student asked me why the peasants never revolted and killed all of their feudal lords. I told him they did that fairly regularly, they just usually died quite painfully shortly after.

He then asked what would have happened if they used flamethrowers. I asked him where did he think they would get flamethrowers in the Middle Ages.

I hope five years from now he doesn't make a show about Medieval Communists conquering the world with flamethrowers because his history teacher said it was possible.
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