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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

I didn't get any reply from Dark Horse, but I did manage to get a chance to read most of the canon comics. I've now read Angel: ATF (so #1-17), four Spike series (Asylum, Shadow Puppets, ATF, and the 8-issue `ongoing' series), BtVS s8, and even a few issues of BtVS s9 and Angel & Faith.

Clearly, I'm liking what I'm reading. I'm surprised how easily these comics drew me in.

I do have some confusion about story elements though. Perhaps we can discuss those here (I'm sure they must have been discussed in other threads as well in the past, but these season-long threads tend to be quite long.) So, spoilers follow below, possibly about all the material I just listed.

Now all I want is to warn earth: watch Farscape... and share the wonders I've seen.

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