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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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Seems Craig has signed on for two more films after Skyfall:

Rumours had been rife that once Skyfall was released, Daniel Craig’s third movie as James Bond 007, that the actor would relinquish the role, and pass the tuxedo onto someone else. After all, Skyfall is the last Bond movie that Daniel Craig is apparently formally contracted to make, although he was always said to have first option on further adventures.
Rest of the article here.

While it's not official confirmation, and it could all be a bunch of nonsense. If it is true, I think it's fantastic. I loved Brosnan and always wish he did one more, now it appears Craig will get to do five films, and that seems like a nice solid number to end on.

Also, in other news, it appears Skyfall's runtime will be two hours and twenty five minutes, making it around the same length as Casino Royale.
If it's gonna be that long I hope it has better pacing than CR...

Two more films for Craig? I'd be ok with that, I hope they don't go beyond that though. I want him to at least equal Brosnan, but I don't want him to get into Rog or Sean territory.
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