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Re: Who is the most famous character?

Maybe compare a list of major exploits?

Major accomplishments off the top of my head, and by no means a complete list:
  1. Prevented a war with the Romulans (Balance of Terror)
  2. Stopped the twin Lazarus's from destroying two universes (The Alternative Factor)
  3. Stopped a potential invasion from another Galaxy (By Any Other Name)
  4. Stopped the Planet Killer from passing through a densely populated section of the galaxy (The Doomsday Machine)
  5. Destroyed the "space amoeba" before it could reproduce and endanger many worlds (The Immunity Syndrome)
  6. Stopped the utter annihilation of Earth's surface (ST:TMP)
  7. Stopped all non-oceanic life on Earth from being annihilated (ST:TVH)
  8. Prevented the assassination of the Federation President and likely war with the Klingons (ST:TUC)
I'm not an expert on the other shows. Who wants to chime in with lists for each of the other Captains?
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