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Re: 7X01 Asylum Of The Daleks (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Vicki said that school for her is one hour a week plugged into a special learning machine.

Timelords being telepaths wouldn't need machines to access the group gestalt conciousness of the Timelords... Is that the Matrix, or is the Matrix just all the dead Timelords?

Even with that to consider, Romana was fresh out of the academy at 150 laughing at the Doctor because he failed all his exams the first time through, which means that even though massive ammounts of inforomation might be dumped into a Timelord brain technologically or telepathically, there are retention issues, and questions of comprehension, and even then even Timelords certainly can't hold everything in thier minds. that they might have to pick and chose what's the most important things to know as specialists rather than generalists.
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