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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

cylkoth that would have been a great idea. How old is Eli supposed to be anyway? I can see the wasting his life on games deal if he is 17 but since he has dropped out of university it seems that he is supposed to be older.

I really think they milked the whole "nice guy" doesn't get hot chick thing way too much. He might have been a total loser on earth but he does a huge amount of work on the ship, hardly ever complains and seems to have manned up in his own way in the situation. The only reason I can see Chloe passing him over for Scott is he still has the little boy thing going on in a "I am totally inexperienced" way and she's looking for a grown up in the bedroom. What the hell does she even talk to Scott about? Oh that's right, his angst.

Just watched the three parter at the end of season one and beginning of season two. That was pretty great pacing, I really enjoyed it.. everything but the baby being left in the Nexus. Just let the baby die, this was supposed to be gritty. I was all prepared to actually cry because she was going to lose the baby but since it's in the Nexus pfft..

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