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Re: Louie (staring, wriitten by and directed by comedian Louie C.K.)

The ex-wife thing was weird... especially since it really hasn't gone anywhere... as far as I noticed she was in one scene... on the other side of the phone? Is she even coming back this season? Seems like a bizarre time to cast the character.

For me the show hardly 'defies genres', it's more of a sitcom that often forgets to be funny. I think he's done a pretty poor job of getting viewers emotionally invested in his character. I don't feel bad for him when things go poorly, I don't feel good when he gets a moment of joy... and he's the only real character on the show. I'm all for avoiding groan-worthy network sitcom conventions like incessant one-liners and canned laughter, but you still have to bring the funny.

Seems like a lot of episodes lately have been cutting out the Seinfeld-style stand-up segments, which I think is a mistake. His stand-up is good, and consistently the best thing about the show.

Lately, the endless parade of psychotic bitches is getting a little tedious as well. OK, we get it Louis, women in NYC be crazy...

It's been a pretty disappointing season. The Late Show arc has started out with potential so maybe it will finish strong.
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