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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Ambassador - free admission
Lawless - free admission
Punisher: War Zone - DVD
Trouble with the Curve - free screenin'
Deja Vu - DVD
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D - free admission

Watched the third live-action Punisher movie yesterday, which changed the origin, so its not really a sequel to the Tom Jane version. I thought it was far too over the top, even for the Punisher. Seriously, hangin' upside down & spinnin' from a chandelier while killin' mobsters? WTF?!?

At least he had a real comic book villian this time...

Saw the new Clint Eastwood movie last night at a free screenin', two weeks before the release date. Nice cast, which also has Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Robert Patrick & Matthew Lillard. The assholes are always assholes, the good guys are always good guys. And everyone who deserves it gets a happy endin'. No shades of gray in this story of a baseball scout on one last road trip for the Atlanta Braves.

Watchin' Denzel, Val Kilmer & Chandler Bing's creepy roommate in Deja Vu right now...

- edit, to add -

Well, Deja Vu was an alright movie...not great, but worth watchin'. Glad I got it out of the discount bin, though.

Went up to Drafthouse S Lamar after work tonight, saw Hara-Kirk: Death of a Samurai 3D for free. I don't think the 3D was necessary at all, but it was still a good movie. It had a pretty slow pace, and for a movie about a samurai, it only had the one big swordfight. I enjoyed it, though.

Debatin' on seein' either For a Good Time, Call... or Red Hook Summer tomorrow night after work.
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