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Re: Who is the most famous character?

I realize you are just playing...

RB_Kandy wrote: View Post
ARCHER: Hello, I was the first Earth captain to travel through space and make first contact.
No, he wasn't

SISKO: Hello, I lead the Federation to victory in the Dominion War, knocked Q on his ass, and became a god to the people of Bajor
Not a god, just an religious icon

JANEWAY: Hello, I got my crew stranded in the Delta Quadrant, but I made up for it by kicking the Borg's ass.
You forgot having her ship nearly destroyed due to cheese and making coffee from a nebula.

PICARD: Hello, I have saved numerous worlds, sufficiently annoyed the hell out of Q, defeated the Borg after the battle of Wolf 395, all the while being an officer and a gentlemen.
No, that was Riker

KIRK: Hello, my name is Kirk, James Kirk. I defeated the god Apollo, I have shagged every hot babe this side of the galaxy. I have personally spread the human seed to every M class planet, except the ones where the women were really really ugly.
Yes, Picard grew up learning about the sexual exploits of Kirk on the Orion homeworld and his frequent trips to Risa.
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