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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

I'm glad the internet isn't free. Perhaps the only reason we have the amount of freedom on the internet now is because corporations control the internet.

If the US government, for example, controlled the internet, there'd be no reason why some angry mom couldn't just shout "hey, there's porn on the internet, I demand it be US law that no pornography exist on the internet". And because only cry babies who want to prevent others from seeing and doing, actually get a say in America, there'd be a law passed against it immediately.
And after that it would be someone that gets upset at a holocaust denier, and so only praise of Jews and Israel is allowed.
And then some christian will see an atheist blog and demand that speaking out against Jesus offends the community.
And some guy will point out Jeri Ryan has nice boobs, and some feminist will make it illegal to "degrade or objectify women on the internet."
And the list just keeps growing and growing.

But as it is, many different corporations control the web in many different countries, thus a petition group finds it very difficult to have some topic censored world wide.

When corporations provide a service, money talks and BS walks. A petition group can boycott something, but if the corporation has competition, they know that taking away a feature will hurt them, because a group of 15 loud angry people cannot do as much harm as 10% of your customers leaving for the freedom your competition offers.

Of course one day the whole internet system will collapse. The MPAA and RIAA will lock everything down that violates even the smallest copyright. YouTube and Wikipedia will disappear as quickly as mega upload did.
And then advertisers will quit paying to have their advertizements on the net when they realize that no one looks at their ads (although they will assume that a radio commercial and TV commercial will convince people to buy things), and without ads, webmasters have to charge. And when it starts costing you a penny per click, you're going to stop surfing 90% of the web. And the web will become just a place to get porn and do online shopping.

So I am happy that many different corporations make up the internet and all of them have competition, it slows down the eventual collapse of this wonderful thing called the internet.

The internet isn't free for the same reason cars, electricity, water, and food, aren't free.

If you want the internet to be free, under government, via tax payer dollars, I suspect this is why we have a capitalism vs communism debate going in this thread.

Under capitalism, we are exploited as consumers and exploited as workers. We spend our childhood in school learning stuff that we'll never use (though it's very good for brainwashing students into political ideologies). And then we have to pay to go to college and do work. We can't afford college so we take out huge loans with insane interest rates. By the time we've paid off that student loan debt we are in our mid 30's. By that time we have a house and a car we bought with debt. Chances are by the time we pay off our debts in life, we are senior citizens. We look back on our life and realize 2/3rds of our childhood was wasted in schools being lectured to, and 2/3rds of our adulthood wasted slaving away our time to the rich elite who run the show.

However, a truly gifted, talented person can really make something of themselves. A really clever sociopath can be a millionaire selling fake arthritis cures, or by BSing his way up the corporate ladder while embezzling and blaming innocent people, or just becoming a cult leader and getting weak minded people to hand you money and do your bidding.

Capitalism works by exploiting the weak and stupid, while rewarding people who have great looks, great talents, or are really good sociopaths.
Capitalism is like the jungle, survival of the fittest and all that.

Communism is a beautiful idea, like one of those innocent ideas a small child has "Daddy, I think war is wrong, and people should stop doing it. Also, people should never have to grow old. And people shouldn't die. And no one should have more money than someone else, because greed is bad. People shouldn't have to spend their lives working like slaves just to have a house, and TV, and toys."

Communism fails here is why:
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