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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

I loved the relationship. I thought it brought out so much of young Spock. I loved the scene where she makes him change what ship she is on, she is certainly not some starry eyed cadet under his sway. I know a of people will soon post about how horrible it was that the older person in a position of power was sleeping with the young cadet but.. I do not care. It's a very hot relationship and they had better continue it! I also hope they expand her character a little more from clever hot chick with attitude.

NuSpock is one of my favorite characters ever.

I'm also an old school K/S shipper and I'm happy for that to keep pumping along.. ST:XI was the slashiest Trek ever by a mile. I'm pretty sure they knew what subtext they were playing when they did it that way, both the acting and the writing. So for ST:XII it looks like NuSpock will be getting both romance and delicious slashy subtext which will make him even more wonderful.

NuSpock.. the wonderfulness continues

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