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Re: How do star dates work

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^ If you're writing a story in the TOS era, just use whatever as long as it's four digits and one passed the decimal point.
Although it's worth keeping in mind that the stardates did follow a broadly upward pattern from season to season -- the first season went from the 1000s to the 3000s, the second was mostly the lower 3000s to the upper 4000s, and the third was almost entirely in the 5000s, with the animated series more inconsistent but still largely in the 5000s to 6000s. Then TMP was in the 7000s, the next four films were in the 8000s, and TUC was in the 9000s. Quite an inconsistent rate increase, but if you want to capture the feel of a certain season or era, it might help to pick a number in its range.
As I did say in my first post.

I was kind of conceding. We're outnumbered by the "La la la!!! TOS stardates don't mean anything, anything, ANYTHING!" crowd and I wasn't going to belabor my point. I didn't think it was worth it. But the TNG-era stardates are held up to a lot more scrutiny.
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