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Re: Who is the most famous character?

ARCHER: Hello, I was the first Earth captain to travel through space and make first contact.

SISKO: Hello, I lead the Federation to victory in the Dominion War, knocked Q on his ass, and became a god to the people of Bajor.

JANEWAY: Hello, I got my crew stranded in the Delta Quadrant, but I made up for it by kicking the Borg's ass.

PICARD: Hello, I have saved numerous worlds, sufficiently annoyed the hell out of Q, defeated the Borg after the battle of Wolf 395, all the while being an officer and a gentlemen.

KIRK: Hello, my name is Kirk, James Kirk. I defeated the god Apollo, I have shagged every hot babe this side of the galaxy. I have personally spread the human seed to every M class planet, except the ones where the women were really really ugly.
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