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Re: New Cloud Atlas trailer!

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Trailer looks kind of "Sucker Punch"-ish to me (neat visuals but maybe too slick and removed) and I haven't seen enough story hook to sell me yet (as I haven't read the book).
I haven't read the book, but from what I've read about the story online this doesn't seem like the kind of story that can really be communicated through trailers.
Did you watch the 6 minute trailer? That one does give a little bit better feel for the movie.
I found this description of the book on Barnes and Nobles website:
"Cloud Atlas begins in 1850 with Adam Ewing, an American notary voyaging from the Chatham Isles to his home in California. Along the way, Ewing is befriended by a physician, Dr. Goose, who begins to treat him for a rare species of brain parasite. Abruptly, the action jumps to Belgium in 1931, where Robert Frobisher, a disinherited bisexual composer, inveigles his way into the household of an infirm maestro who has a beguiling wife and a nubile daughter. From there we jump to the West Coast in the 1970s and a troubled reporter named Luisa Rey, who stumbles upon a web of corporate greed and murder that threatens to claim her life. And onward, to an inglorious present-day England; to a Korean superstate of the near future where neocapitalism has run amok; and, finally, to a postapocalyptic Iron Age Hawaii in the last days of history." But the story doesn't even end there. The narrative then boomerangs back through centuries and space, returning by the same route, in reverse, to its starting point. Along the way, Mitchell reveals how his disparate characters connect, how their fates intertwine, and how their souls drift across time like clouds across the sky.
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