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Re: Putting Borg in an agony booth

Methos wrote: View Post
never really seen any proof that the Borg even feel physical pain...

In First Contact, Worf cut the arm off a drone with a Klingon sword, and embedded the blade into the shoulder of another drone... neither showed any sign of physical pain that i remember, would have to rewatch to make sure though

Plus Data broke another's neck and the drone's face did not even flintch.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Picard remember his time as a drone, so does Seven. The person "inside" the drone would experience the pain, feel it, remember it. The external drone displays no pain, but it's still there.

Plus we see those becomming Borg often getting amputated and butchered alive, so an agony booth would make whatever the borg did to them look like the amatuer hour.
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