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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

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Maybe its me, and I'm new so take this with a grain of salt. I'm not sure I understand why everyone seems to be 'forward in time, Enterprise XXX.' There are other starships in the 23rd C. that could be shown, other crews. I just think 3 series set in the NG era is too much, the 22nd C. had 4 seasons, and the 23rd C. had 3 seasons, 6 movies. There's still stories to tell back then. (IMO, grab some of the better novels that have been done and use them as basis for some episodes.) Or...

ST: CSI type series
ST: MASH type series set either in the E-R war, or the Dominion War
ST: JAG type (as those JAG officers did a lot more than try cases. Esp. Harm Rabb)

Just my opinion, I'd like to see your replies.
CSI: Someone shoots a guy with a phaser and he vaporizes, a missing persons report is filed, but his body is never found.

Death by transporter "accident" somebody reprograms the transporter to transport someone out into space instead of to a planet's surface, find the evidence of that.

MASH: It would be the first Comedy in star trek history, a bunch of wise cracking doctors repair the wounded with various trek devises while cracking jokes, and one male crewmen likes to wear dresses and makeup.

JAG is just the other end of CSI but in the courts, hard to think of anything duller than a 24th or 23rd century court, but maybe its just me.
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