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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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No way they will be showing the top 2 episodes of the season! They want people to get the Blu-Ray to get the good stuff. Maybe one of those episodes, but I can't see them showing both.
Oh come on. These Blu-rays are presumably targeting people who have seen TNG's second season before, probably own it in a previous release. They'd be more than willing to shell out the cash for the episodes on Blu-ray after seeing them on the big screen, and the big screen airing is a bonus. So it comes down to what episodes would be best served, and two fan favourites - especially in an uneven season - seem a no-brainer.

I'd also expect the extended version of "Measure of a Man" to be the episode shown, as Trekker expects. I wonder - and vaguely hope - if it'll air in Europe at all. I caught "The Menagerie" on the big screen here in Dublin back when the TOS blu-rays were being advertised, and that was quite an experience (there's something about seeing an episode you've seen a hundred times with a big theater audience, laughing uproariously at some of the jokes and so on).

Oh, and I may as well project now: If they do this for season three (and why not?) it'll be "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Best of Both Worlds Part I". There's the most obvious two picks imaginable.
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