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Renaissance Class

Another thread gave me a fun idea; to try and flesh out that elusive Renaissance Class starship from the infamous TNG Season 4 observation lounge okudagram.

There isn't a whole lot of on-screen reference to go on, some names and registry numbers appearing here and there, and a couple of lines of dialogue about the USS Aries.

As for licensed tie-in material, apparently the ship is mentioned in the TNG Technical Manual (which I don't have), but also makes an appearance in two issues of DC's TNG comic (which I fortunately do have).

I slapped together all the reference I could find in the comics. It's kind of ugly, and it's also inconsistent from panel to panel, but the goal is to try and be faithful to the basic idea of the ship while hopefully making it feel a little more... "pretty"?

Anyway, I did a quick 15 minute sketch of a front on view just kind of eyeballing it. I tried to reconcile as many of the features with the stuff shown in the comic, while streamlining some stuff and trying to add some appeal to the shapes, etc...

I'd love it if anybody else who's got ideas for how to approach this would throw in a sketch or a rough render or whatever. What do you guys think?
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