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Re: Who is the most famous character?

I'm late to the thread, but I'd suggest it may depend on the state of the Federation (It might have changed to the point where Archer wouldn't be given credit for their government entity) and where the Federation citizen is living. If the Federation has outposts or colonies deep inside the Delta Quadrant somewhere alone the route Voyager took, Janeway may be famous for those Federation races living there...

On Bajor, it may be Sisko.

Let me give you an example. My wife grew up in Virginia. It would be hard for her and those who grew up with her not to know who Stonewall Jackson is. But where I grew up, back in good ol' New England, not that many people would know until perhaps college.

In other words, if whoever helped found the UFP in 2161 or explored the unknown in the 23rd Century were not relevant to people on certain worlds, they wouldn't know who Archer and Kirk are. Kirk would be forgotten once there are more starfleet captains exploring the cosmos. Janeway explored the unknown more than he did.
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