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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Why is Warners/DC is trying to copy everything Marvel does now?
"Now?" Come on -- Marvel and DC have been copying each other for generations.

Or to put it more fairly, they're competitors in the same industry, the two companies that have defined that industry for most of its history -- of course they're going to do similar things. What do you expect? That's like saying GM is copying Chrysler if they both introduce new car models with four wheels.
Maybe I'm just bitter that it took Warners/DC this long to finally get the Justice League thing going. Warners has owned DC for years now. They should have been schooling Marvel in the superhero movie department, a shared universe should have been so easy for them to do.

Also I still don't like how Batman and Superman focused they have been are at the expense of the less popular DC heroes.
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