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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Why is Warners/DC is trying to copy everything Marvel does now?
"Now?" Come on -- Marvel and DC have been copying each other for generations.

Or to put it more fairly, they're competitors in the same industry, the two companies that have defined that industry for most of its history -- of course they're going to do similar things. What do you expect? That's like saying GM is copying Chrysler if they both introduce new car models with four wheels.

The idea of showing Diana's beginnings as Wonder Woman has potential, depending on how it's done. If, say, they followed the lead of George Perez's introduction of the post-Crisis WW, that could turn out nicely.

As for the concern that they'd follow the Smallville route of avoiding the costume, I'm reminding myself that by the last couple of seasons, there were plenty of costumed heroes on Smallville, and even Clark had a costume of sorts, though not the full Superman getup. By that point, the "no flights, no tights" rule was a relic of the beginnings of the series, dating from a time when networks were more wary about superheroes -- and, I gather, a matter of Welling's own preferences. Now we've got Arrow, which, while taking a more grounded, Nolanesque approach to Green Arrow, nonetheless does have him in a costume. It's a different era now than it was when Smallville began, an era where superheroes are a huge business and a TV show doesn't have to hide the fact that it's about one.
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