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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Why is Warners/DC is trying to copy everything Marvel does now?

First Avengers is a huge hit, Justice League is quickly annouced.

S.H.I.E.L.D is announced as tv show, now they are trying to rush a WW show onto the CW?

Well, the Justice League movie idea was out there before the Avengers film came out, but the effort failed. And as for TV, Arrow is about to premiere, which is long before the SHIELD is announced. Could it be said that Marvel is copying DC?

Besides, DC has long had a better record on the small screen, especially with live-action shows. I'm looking forward to the Wonder Woman idea and I hope the pilot gets the green light. The Smallville approach is fine with me, if it gets a Wonder Woman show on the air and brings in new viewers like Smallville did. Hopefully any new show won't shy away from Wonder Woman's comic roots and bring in many of her villains, etc.
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