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Re: I would love to create a new Star Trek Series

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Is this even possible? I have quite an imagination.

I imagine it would take serious connections...

Has anyone ever thought of this?

Man, doing this successfully and hitting it big and making people enjoy this while creating brilliant plots and episodes would be an absolute dream come true.

So what would it take to pull this off?
If the writers of Star Trek '09 can't even get CBS to approve a series, what makes you think that Some Guy Posting On An Internet Bulletin Board With No Writing Credits To His Name (SGPOAIBBWNWCTHN) will have any better luck?
Has CBS rejected their pitch? I havent heard that. For all we know, nobody has pitched CBS, at least nobody who can get in the door to do a pitch.

Maybe CBS is waiting for Abrams & the gang to get to a point in their busy schedules where the time is right for a TV pitch, because CBS wants to work with the winning team and certainly doesn't want to pre-empt that possibility.

It would make sense if a TV pitch waits till the next movie solidifies that Trek Is Back, and the production schedule will allow the series launch to coincide more or less with the third movie, for maximum PR boost.
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