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Re: Pine: Star Trek 2 Threat

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I'm betting on Arne Darvin...
I don't know if I'd "bet" on it, but I would be willing to see Arne Darvin as the prime antagonist in this film... It could be a film about a Klingon spy masquerading as a human to infiltrate high levels of the Federation Government.
"Bet" might not have been the best choice of words, but judging by Orci's remarks that Cumberbatch's character is canon and probably not from the first season, Arne Darvin fits the bill. Plus, he's not a character that people who aren't super familiar with Trek (or perhaps even those who are) will know and therfore say, "Not seeing it, that's been done." Mostly, I just want me some Darvin/ Klingons behaving badly.
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