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Re: TOS-era Defiant-class Ships

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I disagree. In regards to the Leif Ericson, I didn't say anyone "had it in mind", I only suggested certain features of the concept art by Jefferies -most notably the engines- bear more than a passing resemblance to those on the Defiant. This suggests that those responsible for these features on the Defiant as we know it, were familiar with Jefferies concept art and/or the model kit, and were, at least subliminally, influenced by either one or both. If so, it would not be the first, or last, time those in the Star Trek art dept. took inspiration from among Jefferies earlier concept art.
The link I provided does not agree.
Nothing in that article precludes the possibility that elements of the final Defiant design were not inspired either consciously or subconsciously from the Leif Ericson or its concept art, or a dozen other sources for that matter.

Whenever source credit is given in such instances, itís just a professional courtesy anyway, thereís no law that says an artist has to divulge each and every source of inspiration when interviewed for a brief article.

Maybe itís a coincidence, maybe not? But until I get something more specific, Iíll remain convinced thereís a connection.
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