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SF/F Characters with Disabilities

I've been watching the Paralympics a lot over the past couple weeks, and I've really enjoyed them. They also got me thinking about the different characters with disabilities we've seen in Sci-Fi and Fantasy over the years. So who are you favorite disabled characters in SF/F?
Geordi La Forge (blind)
Barbara Gordon/Oracle (paraplegic)
Charles Xavier/Professor X (paraplegic)
Luke Skywalker (arm amputee)
I know there have been others over the years, but those are the ones that first come to mind for me. There was one other I thought of, but I'm not sure if you would count her as disabled. Ana Marie/Rogue from the X-Men seems to me like she could be disabled since her mutation prevents her from being able to touch other people (or at least did, I think I remember someone saying she had her powers under control now).
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