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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

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Ship load of unliked teen cadets die. Ooooh, BIG consequnces! Nothing will ever be the same again!
Yeah, clearly it would've been better if a ship full of teen cadets had stopped a time travelling warlord by pulling victory out of their asses.
Well its a lot better than a plan to have a conference with other captains at the ass end of the galaxy while the Federation burns.

Besides Kirk was leading the mission, you know the guy who pretty much all the 24th century captains hero worship to one degree or another.

I don't get this oh their cadets thing its the TOS cast on an important mission to save Earth and therefore have plot protection like if Picard or Sisko would have had they decided to use the same plan the Valiant crew used, not some quest kids who got all uppity because they had the same class of ship as the main characters. who are only

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NU Trek took a page right out of this episode.
And this is why DS9 is better... there are consequences.
Nu Trek had consequences Vulcan is gone for god's sake. DS9 just killed a bunch of cadets and never mentioned it again.
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