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Amazon Fire

Some of you might have noticed the announcement today that Amazon is coming out with three new Kindle Fires. I am thinking of buying one - mostly for travel, but sometimes for reading.

I am a technology "sorta-dumbass." I can work things and am not stupid, but it isn't always intuitive to me.

I was looking at the two 8.9 Kindle Fires. One is $299 and one is $499. The $499 is a 4G LTE wireless one and it seems the difference between it and the $299 one is that it has the 4G LTE, cloud storage and 250 MB a month (for a yearly price of $49.99).

Here are my questions. With the cheaper $299 one, can I: surf the 'net if I'm near a wifi place (like on my couch, or in some airport or motel). Can I watch a movie by streaming with this for no extra cost?

Thanks for any help. I really want the $299 one for the price, but want to make sure it does what I want. At the minimum, I need to be able to surf the 'net sometimes in addition to being able to read books, but I'd like the capability to see movies through my Amazon Prime. If I can't, I can't, but I figured I'd ask. You guys know technical stuff.

P.S. $499 is a bit pricey for me, and no, no Apple crapple. I find Apple to be very overpriced and not worth the extra cost. I'm a mid-range cost type person; don't buy the cheapest crap, but don't get the most expensive. For one, you get crap; for the other, you get ripped off. Mid-range seems to work out the best.
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