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was that just a reason to post a link in your promotional thread for The Bay back to your promotional thread for Contagion
No. When The Bay was announced it was a biological disaster Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller. There has not been very many medical thriller disaster films since Outbreak (1995). Contagion was a action,sci-fi,thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease. The Bay is a biological disaster horror film. similar genres although different executions with The Bay going more horror. Not quite the same as when you have 2 films like Dante's Peak and Volcano that come out the same year that are of the same genre I refer to them as copycat films as two different major film companies are making very similar films. This example are volcano-based disaster films.

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you don't actually post any sales links, but I always get the feeling like you're trying to get me to buy Blu-Rays and DVDs.
I am not. When I start a new thread on a film, tv series, etc. I reference my source or 2 sources in the first post which are usually trade journals or trade blogs along with my thoughts on how the synopsis sounds to start the discussion on a new film or TV series. In the last year I have changed my posting style and added more of my own opinion than 2 years ago.
If while posting on a thread referring to a film or franchise where there is a thread about it on TrekBBS I usually try to point there so TrekBBS members can see the discussion here by our own members on this forum rather than just link. If I am just mentioning an old film like Wargames I link to as a reference.
I have given you my answers. If you have additional questions Locutus of Bored PM me.
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