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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

MORE fantasy booking.

I've been thinking about Wrestlemania and I've come up with a cool, yet possible method of booking.

CM Punk holds off John Cena capturing the WWE Championship until Survivor Series, where Cena ends Punk's year long reign. At HIAC, Cena retains in the rematch and the build for Cena vs Rock part II at Royal Rumble begins. At the RR, Cena defeats Rock after CM Punk interferes, citing that "he's not done with Dwayne yet" and that he'll "be damned if an outsider is allowed to wear the WWE Championship".

The next night on Raw, Cena comes a promo, admonishing Punk's actions. The next few weeks play off the possible conspiracy that Punk and Cena conspired to stop The Rock leaving as WWE Champion until CM Punk attacks Cena and saying "I'll see you in the elimination chamber!" - thus concluding that Punk had been solely responsible and was spreading false truths to tarnish Cena's confidence.

Anyway come Elimination Chamber and one of the spots is vacated just before the event, the Raw GM (whoever that might be) promises it will be filled. This makes it think that The Rock will be the mystery entrant...but - HERE COMES THE PAIN! Brock Lesnar is the mystery entrant! During the match Cena manages to eliminate Punk via fluke rollup, but Punk isn't done and demolishes Cena before leaving the chamber. Lesnar then F5's Cena and eliminates him before dominating the rest of the match and walking out WWE Champion.

The next night, Cena and Punk have a bitch off which ends with the GM putting them in a match to occur at Wrestlemania, but then IF YA SMELL! The Rock comes out and verbally cleans house, he states that he has a big problem with both of them and wants them at Wrestlemania. We're then on for a triple threat match which will be billed as three of the most controversial and outspoken superstars meeting each other in a match for the ages. (or something like that)

Meanwhile, Triple H returns and wins the WHC, perhaps in the chamber or at the Royal Rumble. Brock Lesnar comes out the night after Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion and talks about how he "essentially owns the company as WWE Champion" and that he intends to "leave the WWE with the championship because no one is good enough to go toe to toe with him, therefore no one deserves to hold the WWE Championship". TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Triple H comes out and says that "I'm going to make it real simple, you and me, Wrestlemania XXIX, both world titles on the line and a huge score to settle". Lesnar can't resist the opportunity and accepts, Triple H then attacks him, gets the upper hand and stands dominate in the ring with the idea being that the old Triple H has FINALLY returned!
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