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Re: Two new Star Trek Series might be coming to the small screen.

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It look like a new Star Trek series is being work on. Actually two Star Trek series are being work on. This one: and the one Micheal Dorn is working on, call Star Trek: Captain Worf.

If either one of those happens I'd be happy just because I get to see new Star Trek series on my tv. At least until I saw it
I think its ok to have a starship commanded by Worf, but I don't think that show should be called "Captain Worf" it shouldn't be all about him, unless he is a fighter pilot.

Also the show would need something else besides just having a Klingon as Captain, there needs to be some concept like Voyager had one and Deep Space Nine, it can't be just about who commands the ship.
Not holding my breath but I'd particularly like to see the Worf one as he's one of my personal favourites character wise.
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