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Re: Abrams Pilot Sold To Fox

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Meh. It's been done :

Holmes and Yo-Yo at
As Christopher pointed out in the SciFi in Development Thread on the General SciFi Forum, this goes further than Alien Nation and Holmes and Yoyo (Or Maxwell Smart and Jaime)

This shows is pairing up every Cop with an Android partner, so, though it will likely center on a specific cop and his Android Partner, there is lots of room for plot development on "Android Rights Issues", cops discussing their Android Partner with each other, possible "racism" plots from some cops who were forced to take on an Android Partner they objected vehemently to (Perhaps even an episode where someone is so offended he threatens to quit the force, or maybe actually does quit), etc.
An Android can be any "race" that you like, including inhuman ones. If a cop wants an Orc for a partner, and android Orc could be built. I don't know about android rights, the android might not be a person in the same way a human is. One tough issue is that the android might neglect to protect himself sufficiently. For example in a shoot out the android might try to rush the bad guy without any consideration towards his own survival. Androids don't necessarily experience fear, though it might try to assess the consequences of its destruction if for example a bad guy points a gun to its head, the android might do something unexpected.
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