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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Mind you if the GOL (Grand Old Legate) had been in change of the reformed Cardassian Union then the dynamics of the next few years would have been very different indeed.
Not really, it was firmly established that Ghemor's movement was working to overthrow the Central Command and the military government in Season 2.

In Season 4, that overthrow firmly happened. Dukat threw in with the civillian government and flat out told Sisko he just switched sides because he was picking the winner and where he'd have the most power. Ghemor was in exile before this and it stands to reason he returned to Cardassia and served at least in some capacity in the new civillian regime. It's quite possible he could have even been on the Defiant/DS9 during the Klingon attack being they rescued the Detapa Council.

In late season 5, Dukat and the Dominion overthrow the civillian government and Ghemor was later shown to be in exile again(probably self imposed as he would have been against the Dominion without a doubt) and later showed up on DS9 in the aforementioned episode.

So that's a good year and a half he could have been in the thick of things with at least one solid oppurtunity for a guest appearance in Way of the Warrior. It's just a shame it never happened.
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