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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

It starts with Paris being late again; he has kind of been a slacker lately. I feel like he needs a drug test! They find a ship with a sick Viidian on it and beam the woman to the Doctor. (On a side note, I often wonder if the uniforms are lacking because they spend so much money on makeup). Although, Kes always has cute clothes, but maybe they felt bad for her since she will only live 9 yearsJ.
The Doctor helps Denara (who is horribly disfigured by the Phage) by producing a holographic genetically-correct image of her. While she is in an area with holographic technology her face and body will be without disfigurement, and her real body is in stasis. The Doctor needs B’Elanna to “donate” a small portion of her neural tissue…she is not happy about it, but eventually consents to helping, which I think is very noble of her; especially after being held captive by the Viidians.
Denara is so excited by her “new” body that she wants to go out and enjoy life. The Doctor brings her to the holodeck where Paris’ pool hall scene is going on. Denara bugs the Doctor about his name and asks if she can give him a name. She chooses: Shmullus (her Uncle’s name)….I’m not sure why but I cannot imagine the name Shmullus without imagining a Smurf…
Chakotay confronts Paris about his recent behavior. Paris argues that his only problem is Chakotay. He argues that he and the other crew members do not always agree with Chakotay. Mr. Jonas is corresponding with Culluh’s ship and they want him to damage the warp coil, but he refuses to until he speaks with Seska.
The scene jumps to the Doctor who is talking to Kes and is quite sure that his program is malfunctioning, but Kes argues that his program is simply adapting to his feelings for Denara. He is experiencing a crush. The Doctor very blatantly tells Denara that he has romantic feelings for her. He kind of just blurts it out like a teenage boy, which is probably right where his program would be developmentally. After Denara rejects him, The Doc goes to Paris for advice on how to get over the feelings he has. Kes gets the Doc and Denara together for some alone time. Paris puts them into a holographic simulation of an old automobile so they can go “parking”. The Doc has flowers, a teddy bear, love music, and chocolates for Denara. They star gaze together and we get to see the Docs first kiss!!
Later, Paris pushes Chakotay down after Chakotay dismisses him from duty and Janeway has Paris escorted to the Brig for it. Again, I must say that I think Paris needs a drug test, or is he just heartbroken? When he was talking to the Doctor about lost love I could see this triggering an emotional outburst with Chakotay.
In the meanwhile, Denara tries to kill her body so she can stay a holographic image. She no longer wants to go on living as a sick woman with all of her family and friends being dead. The Doc talks her out of it.
Favorite part: B’Elanna donating her neural tissue to a woman who belongs to a race that held her captive. It was very noble of her character.
Least favorite part: This episode jumped around a lot. We have an on-going problem, which has not been identified regarding Paris’ recent attitudes and behaviors; we have the Doctor falling in love and his love giving him a name that is not even discussed or referenced by the end of the episode. Jonas is plotting with Seska… There were a lot of loose ends by the end, and it really made me angry that they gave the Doc a name and then ignored that for the rest of the episode. It wasn’t a bad episode though, it just could have been better. Hopefully, they tie up the loose ends in later episodes, but VOY is not really great at that so I am not too hopeful.
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