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Re: Cancelled! The Game

This is more fun than acutally watchng the shows!

Thumbs Down

The Mob Doctor - looks terrible

The Last Resort - male skewing premise on a female skewing network and a terrible timeslot with too much competition, especially for men

Smash - they ahd their chance, they only got a reprieve because its the boss' pet and NBC is desperate

Do No Harm - looks terrible

Thumbs Up

Vegas and Elementary - looks like CBS has done it again, both are great fits for their audience

Revolution - NBC is desperate and the audience is desperate for something fun and a little bit different to watch

666 Park Avenue - Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams will provide the name recognition to get audience sampling and how hard can it be to make satanic hijinks in a glitzy NYC setting fun?

Nashville - Connie Britten has a loyal following and the topic isn't over-exposed, and has Middle America appeal

Grimm - its got a loyal cult following that is large enough for survival on NBC especially on Fri; the only thing that might endanger it is if NBC's new fall lineup becomes a huge success and changes their standards but I'm not holding my breath!

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
This first round is where you predict what will get cancelled before anything even airs. Each correct answer at the end of the season will be worth 3 points in this first round. For each incorrect answer, you will be deducted 1 point.
Shoot, I should have voted for more than four. I think the way to win this game is to vote for everything. Most new shows get cancelled, so the odds are you'll score more 3's than 1's and come out ahead. I only voted for 4 so I've already lost!
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