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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Defenders #11 - was fun even if it seems random for Scott Lang/Ant-Man to show up. This is for sure living up to it's mantra "defending against the impossible"[/paraphrase]. While I've liked the title overall I can't say I'll miss it. Was getting it for Silver Surfer and Red She-Hulk mainly. If you find the TPB's at 1/2 off online, comic show etc I'd say you'll find them a good read. Next issue is the last one I do believe.

Dark Avengers #180 - the portion in the "far future" just keeps riffing on Judge Dredd with the cloned Cage enforcer part of the story. It feels like it could be part of that alternate world the Maestro used to control(I forget the story, it's been awhile). Man-Thing is really coming back into an understanding of his reality, universe hopping abilites via control of the Nexus. Which also means his emphatic understanding is returning. I only hope they don't pull the rug on me and reverse these changes since his "rebirth" a few issues ago.
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