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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I'd still debate whether a process that has worked in the Spanish leagues will neccesarily work in the championship, and there's still something to be said for building a team ethos rather than just throwing a bunch of players together (exhibit A see Paul Jewell's Ipswich)
I am astonished he is still in the job. Seriously astonished. He must be favourite for the sack by now.

By the way, anyone see this?

I realise Blackburn are second at the moment, but again I have a hunch the wheels will come off eventually, and this article sums Kean, the Venkys, the entire ethos of the club perfectly.
The table is meaningless for the first 10-12 games. But this just cements my promotion-or-bust comment of last week. The man is a complete charlatan, a PR man taking a big cut out of their finances along with the owners. He is unsackable. And I think it will tell around Christmas, and they will cease to be an automatic promotion candidate. They may also cease to be in business.
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