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But the engines stopped working too.
Ignoring the fact that mechanical and chemical systems are still working just fine and dandy based upon this episode and that it's expressly stated that electricity is the only thing that stopped working, even a 300-ton cube of steel traveling at 500mph before losing its propulsion isn't going to just stop in mid-air and fall straight down.

Again: Straight down. No forward movement whatsoever. And it wasn't even a dive down. It was belly-first.

What's even dumber is that when these planes fell, their lights were still working.
As I stated "flat spin". It is a very common effect of loss of control in aircraft. It is also one of the most difficult to recover from, even under normal conditions. Also, the planes were not simply falling straight down. The were spinning belly down and moving at an angle, probably 20 to 30 degrees. That is extremely normal for a plane suffering complete loss of control.
I know planes always fall nose down in the movies, but those are movies.
Perhaps the people who made the show did just think it looked cool, I don't know. but if they did they actually got it right, even if only by accident.
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