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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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But the engines stopped working too. And an airliners glide ratio is only a little better than a rock under the best of circumstances.
They can be glided under some conditions.

And if the plane was not flying straight and level when it happened the loss of engines and loss or serious degradation of control surfaces would probably put it into a flat spin, which is what was depicted on screen.
A spin requires a loss of airspeed as well as a loss of coordination. It's one possible result of a loss of control surfaces, but it would not be instant. It takes time for airspeed to bleed off. Also, while there are a variety of things that can flatten a spin (making it less recoverable), addition of power prior to recovery is the most common one, obviously not a factor here.

And, WW II movies aside, the glide ratio's of most large aircraft suck. Hell, even the F4U Corsair, one of the best FIGHTERS of the war had only a 1 to 1 ratio. Most modern fighters and bombers have no better.
A good glide ratio isn't really compatible with good maneuverability, so it isn't too surprising that fighters suck at gliding. Commercial jets don't have maneuverability as a design goal, so I wouldn't be surprised if they glide a bit better.
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