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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I figure I can wait a month for Action 0, even though I've been enjoying the run.

Caught up on Worlds' Finest: it's well done, two great artists at the top of their games. But something still feels off. A conflagration of the kind depicted in Japan should really attract the League's attention: the sheer body count has to have been astronomical. The 0 issue was nicely done, too. Earth 2 is still proving interesting, with some faint glimpses of other earths (with what looks like Magog appearing twice).

Phantom Stranger makes a fundamental narrative and character mistake by giving us the Stranger's own internal monologue, of the kind we've been stuck with since Identity Crisis. It works less often than it doesn't, but with a character whose stock characteristic is "mysteriousness", it really, really doesn't work. Interesting things happen, and it's pretty enough, but the potential power of the Stranger just gets drained out of it. The origin of the Spectre is literally squeezed in here.
I want to be sedated.
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