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Main text font from Star Trek: Cast No Shadow?

This is going to sound silly but, does anyone know the name of the font used for the main text in the print version of Star Trek: Cast No Shadow?

I realize that it may seem crazy to many to worry about things like this but I hate it when my ebooks aren't right. Before reading a book, I always spend a few minutes looking for and correcting common errors and then changing things to suit my tastes. I've noticed that the Cast No Shadow epub has four fonts that aren't setup correctly and references several others that aren't included in the epub. I removed the unneeded fonts and added the four missing fonts from another Trek epub that did have those included. Now the chapter headers, etc. look dead on what they used in the print book. I'm assuming they likely used the actual font from the print version for the main text too but there's no reference to it and there are no other fonts included in this epub. I've looked online and checked the WhatTheFont website but haven't had a lot of luck matching it. I'd like to track this one down and add it manually if I could come up with the name or the name of one that closely matches.

Thanks to anyone that may recognize it.

- Byron
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