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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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No but Archer could have drawn up a profile of this race, complete with visual records for future captains to have at hand. It seems relevant information to give to other Starfleet vessels that hey "the short guys with buttshaped foreheads and big ears" are potentially hostile and draw up their profit motive driven behavior and the such.

So either the writers/producers just didn't care(I lean this way myself, Braga is stated not to care about continuity) or Archer and/or Starfleet just screwed up by not keeping something so basic as records of hostile species up to date and avialable... it would seem pertinent information for deep space explorers.
Sure, they would do that, but, if The Ferengi learned their lesson, and stayed outta the Federation's line of sight for a few years, decades, whatever, they wouldn't be on the "Top 10 Threats of The Galaxy" daily briefing, and the record would get buried amongst all the other "White Noise" of single encounters that never came up again. That's the way mountains of Data work, if a record/file doesn't have the proper search term information, it fades into a mountain of irrelevant data once it's not on the top of the hit parade.

I'll bet they could find it with a search term of "Big eared, snaggly teeth pirates", but, 100 years plus later when you know they're the Ferengi, and have enough encounters with them, you'll get plenty by searching for Ferengi, so why would you expand your search further?
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