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Re: Transphasic shields in the novels

Actually, I find that the Armor technology voyager used in Endgame really isnt that far fetched based on the tech already shown as a staple in Trek. The Ablative Armor Generator Technology that Admiral Janeway brought from the future really is just a creative use of existing tech... Ablative Armor (found on ship's like the Defiant), Replicators (Trek tech staple since TNG), and Transporters (Trek Tech staple since TOS).

Ablative Armor is shown and described as a type of protective hull plating used on starships, which possesses a capability for rapidly dissipating the energy impacts from directed energy weapons fire. It works by burning away as the energy of the weapon makes contact with it... this happens through a process called Ablation, hence the name of the armor. This type of armor really isnt that effective against physical attacks, but still provides "some" protection. As the armor burns away, it dissipates the energy of the attack and reduces its effect on the hull beneath tremendously. The downside to the armor is that as it burns away, that section of the hull is exposed and is just as vulnerable as if the Armor didnt exist.

The Ablative Armor Generators shown in Endgame use the same stuff as the Defiant does, they just use it in a creative way to negate one if its major flaws... the disintegration of the armor as it is attacked. Using a combination of replicator and transporter technology, the Generators use the ship's own matter reserves (the same cache of matter that all Starfleet vessels use for their replicators) a reforms it into multiple ablative armor plates, the transporters then place the plates in a pre-designated position on the ship's hull. Now, the armor can act just as the kind on the Defiant does, but the beauty of this generator technology is that it replenishes the disintegrated armor as it is attacked. This replenishing effect can be sustained as long as the ship's matter reserves hold out.

Not very "god-like", unimaginable, or far fetched as far as i can see. Just a VERY creative use of existing trek tech.
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