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MIDNIGHT IS COMING! "Before Sunrise 3: Before Midnight" Countdown

Is this from BS2 or BS3? I honestly can't tell, but I'm leaning towards the latter.

Yes, friends, The AV Club has just reported that Before Midnight, the highly dubiously-necessary sequel to 2004's Before Sunset (itself one of cinema's all-time best sequels, the original being 1995's Before Sunrise), has finished its stealth production shoot in Greece.

An AV Club commenter on the same article leaks us the tightly under-wraps plot:
Can Jesse overcome his amnesia over his dark past as a government assassin in time to help Celine throw the ring into the Crack of Doom, thus breaking the Curse of the Black Pearl? Or will the two be crushed at the hands of Magneto, just as Jesse's parents were all those years ago, before he went off to Hogwarts?
(... But that may have been a first draft, before Michael Bay was brought onboard.)

No release date as of yet, but, while I'm deeply nervous about the prospect of marring the second movie's total perfection, this could just be amazing also, as well as (I assume) the culmination of one of the greatest trilogies... ever.

(Memo to self: find a pretty prospective girlfriend to take to this movie. Prepare for instant mutual love-fever!)

... Let the Before Midnight spoiler-free discussion commence!
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